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Paint Protection Film

Car Deets offers the paint protection film your car needs to stay protected from the variable seasons. In all our locations, the vehicles we drive are exposed to the elements. From the harsh winters and road salt in the winter, to the insects and high heat in the summer… our cars take a beating. That’s where paint protection comes in. Paint protection film, PPF for short, provides the strongest paint protection on the market. With defense against road salt, insect acids, rock chips, brake dust, minor scratches and other environmental fallout, this package protects your paint and leaves covered areas in pristine condition.

Before any installation of PPF can be applied, it is mandatory to perform a paint inspection to ensure that the film is applied to paint in ideal condition. Paint correction may be required to remove any remnants of swirling, marring, scratching or paint chips from the existing coat. The Partial Front End package covers the front 24” of the hood and fenders and full protection of the bumper. This is in an increase in protection over our introductory package of the partial hood and fenderFor a free quote for your vehicle, please click here.