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Paint Protection Film

Car Deets provides the clear bra your vehicle needs to stay protected from the harsh elements. From road salt to insect acids, rock chips to minor scratches and oxidation our vehicles take a beating on the road – but with clear bra your paint is protected. Clear bra is an ultra clear, nano-ceramic film that defends any surface from blemishes and protects your investment!

The Full Front end package is ideal for individuals who are interested in protecting the most prone areas of a vehicle. The package begins with a full wash and decontamination. We then provide any paint correction services that may be required to ensure that the paint is in pristine condition before applying the film. We custom match your cars dimensions with our plotter and wrap paint protection film across the full bumper, entire hood, full fender, headlights and fog lights and backside of mirrors.

At Car Deets we use the best clear bra the market can offer. You’ll be fully satisfied and happy with your investment. All of these films are backed with a lifetime manufacturer warranty and are guaranteed to never bubble or yellow. If you want to keep your vehicle in pristine condition, trust the professionals at Car Deets with your paint protection needs. For a free quote for your car, please click here.