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Car Deets is proud to offer paint protection services, window tint and auto detailing services at all of our locations.


Car Deets offers complete auto care services in multiple cities near you. With unpredictable weather and harsh environmental contaminations, auto detailing, ceramic coating, and clear bra are the best ways to protect your vulnerable paint from corroding quickly. We have many years of experience in the auto detailing industry and can guarantee that your most prized possession will shine brighter than ever after we are finished with it.

Car Deets is highly involved in charitable causes and aims to provide opportunities to support homeless youth. For every service we offer, a portion of the proceeds are donated to at-risk teens. Help support a wonderful cause while taking care of your vehicle with Car Deets.


Car Deets is proud to offer paint protection services, window tint and auto detailing services at all of our locations.

Ceramic Pro Coating

The world’s best ceramic paint coating. Ceramic Pro provides premium paint protection to guard your vehicle from the elements, wherever you are.

Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film, or clear bra, is a poly-urethane film that goes on ultra clear and protects the paint from environmental fallout and contaminants. Guaranteed to protect from rock chips, and possessing self healing properties, this is the “king” of paint protection.

Window Tinting

Window tinting blocks 99% of the sun’s harsh UV rays and protects your skin and eyes while driving. It reduces glares, keeps your car cooler during the summer, and helps protect your interior from fading quickly.

Window Protection

Ceramic Pro Rain is a special coating designed for glass. It’s hydrophobic qualities repel water and other elements to easily bead off the glass while driving. It increases visibility while driving and doesn’t affect the vehicle’s wipers.

Interior Detailing

Our services include a deep clean of your carpets, mats, and dash. Our products protect your seat fabrics and leather while removing stains and odors.

Exterior Detailing

Auto detailing is our specialty. We use the right equipment to prevent swirl marks and scratches. Our detailing service will bring your vehicle’s paint color back to life.


Ceramic Pro is a state of the nano-ceramic coating that protects all your surfaces. When cured, it forms a barrier between your car and outside contaminations. Ceramic Pro 9H is an extremely durable, heavy-duty permanent protective coating that shields your paint from dirt and debris. It has a glossy hydrophobic finish that repels liquids from your surface, making scrubbing a thing of the past. Ceramic Pro protects your paint from scratches, rock chips, bird droppings, and many other extreme road elements. 

Clear bra, also know as Paint protection Film (PPF) is the ultimate product to protect your vehicle’s exterior. It is made from a polyurethane 3M film that adds a protective layer to your surface without compromising the paint. PPF can be applied to the entire car, making cleaning a breeze. The film is a clear, stain resistant top coat that prevents paint corrosions and weathering orange peel effects.  Clear Bra doesn’t compare to any other product on the market because it’s number 1 in paint protection.



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"Normally, detailing my car can feel like a chore, but Car Deets made my experience hassle-free. They were super helpful in finding the right products for my budget."
Jeremy Windsor – Porsche 911 Owner